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Take Advantages of Cloud-Based PBX Systems

Many business owners and IT managers frequently ponder the value of transitioning their phone system to the cloud, especially with the prevailing discussions on cloud Hosted PBX. Despite having a satisfactory phone system in place, they are curious about the benefits and drawbacks of embracing a new solution and whether the potential disruption is worthwhile.

Making the choice to go with cloud Hosted PBX is a no-brainer due to the numerous benefits it offers.

The following are some of the perks of utilizing a Cloud-Hosted PBX:

1. Significant cost reductions

With Cloud Hosted PBX, you don’t need to spend money on complex hardware. Your phone system will be managed in the cloud and you pay for the services you require. This eliminates the need for a huge capital outlay and the technical expertise necessary to build up your system. Furthermore, the Service Providers spread the cost among many users which cuts down the individual subscription cost when compared to fixed lines.

Cloud Hosted PBX systems are not restricted to any particular region, leading to a decrease in call costs for companies like Call center’s that make a lot of long-distance calls. This allows businesses to unify their communication systems, so calls between offices seem like internal ones. Moreover, a multitude of call plans that include free calls to mobiles will result in a decrease in the average cost per call.

2. Savings of Time

Increasing the capacity of office phones on a traditional PBX system can be a time-consuming process, typically taking several weeks to months. This is because it involves ordering hardware and scheduling a visit from an expert technician to assess call flow requirements before installation. In contrast, a cloud Hosted PBX offers a much simpler and faster setup. Provisioning is instant and can be done through a user interface on a desktop computer. Adding additional lines is as easy as a few clicks, as it is all software-based. Furthermore, server maintenance and equipment upgrades are handled by a dedicated team of professionals who work around the clock to ensure uninterrupted service.

3. It’s possible to maintain your existing telephone system

Companies that wish to retain their existing system but desire the advantages of a cloud-hosted PBX in a different location can still avail of this service without the need for additional hardware. As long as the legacy system supports SIP Trunks or VoIP, it can be seamlessly integrated with the Cloud Hosted PBX. This connection enables users from both systems to communicate with each other, while users of the legacy PBX can make calls through more cost-effective VoIP routes. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to keep their in-house PBX but want to access trunk lines at a reduced expense, expanding their office’s reach to a broader audience.

4. Adaptability

Flexibility is a trait that is highly valued in the modern world, and adaptability is no exception. This ability to adjust to changing conditions and circumstances makes it a key attribute to have in order to be successful. It allows us to respond to new and unexpected situations quickly and effectively, which can help make us more productive and successful. It also helps us to better manage our time and resources, as we can quickly and easily adjust our plans and strategies to better suit our needs and goals.

Cloud Hosted PBX provides the ability to connect from any location around the world using a VoIP phone, a smartphone with VoIP software, or a desktop computer from any manufacturer. This flexibility allows your employees to work remotely or from overseas with the same office number from any device. You can route office calls to your soft-phone to answer while in transit. Additionally, this improved reachability to customers enables easy connection of virtual or toll-free numbers like 03/0800 numbers to your cloud Hosted PBX, allowing you to receive calls regardless of your location – at a remote site or in the office.

5. Sophisticated Capabilities

Cloud Hosted PBX solutions also offer enhanced security measures to protect your business communications. With advanced encryption protocols and constant monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your calls and data are secure. Additionally, these solutions often provide backup and disaster recovery options, ensuring that your communications remain uninterrupted even in the face of unforeseen events. With all these sophisticated capabilities and safeguards in place, a cloud-based PBX solution is a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses looking to optimize their communication systems.

6. Phone Calls of Superior Quality

Major progression has been made in the quality of voice communication via the internet due to the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) schemes, more efficient compression, and faster internet speeds. Prior to beginning your VoIP service, service providers can conduct tests to determine the quality of your internet connection and recommend the most suitable VoIP solution. Cloud Hosted PBX now allows for high-quality calls with voice prioritization and other packet loss resilience schemes. Service providers have their own dedicated Fiber Broadband, 4G, or ADSL networks, enabling them to apply QoS schemes from the central office to the subscriber for unparalleled voice call quality.

7. Ability to Scale

The feature of a system which allows it to be expanded and adapted to an increased workload or demand is referred to as scalability.

Companies of all sizes experience fluctuation in their operations. Having a phone system that can scale with your business needs is critical in such times. With an in-house PBX, you must pre-allocate resources and reserve space for potential growth, which can be expensive if those resources remain unutilized. In contrast, a cloud-hosted PBX offers the ability to easily scale up or down as your usage capacity changes. This is especially beneficial for businesses with seasonal demand, as they can commission new lines just before a major event or festival and decommission them immediately afterwards.

8. Enhanced Backup and Contingency Planning

Organisations looking to transition to cloud-hosted PBX systems have to consider reliability. Unlike the PSTN, which is vulnerable to damage because of vandalism, local hardware issues, or power outages, cloud Hosted PBX relies on the internet and is generally managed by the service provider. These providers typically have a highly redundant infrastructure with servers in different cities that are connected to multiple Transit companies across the globe. Fail-over is automated and software-based, so in the event of a natural disaster, servers can be activated quickly and alternate routes can be used in lieu of singular copper wires.

9. Constant Surveillance and Examining of Results

With Cloud Hosted VOIP systems, business owners can access a web portal from their desktop or mobile to gain real-time insights into their PBX. This includes ongoing and missed calls, active or available agents, call rates, and subscription costs. Through the reporting tool, owners can analyze employees by performance, view instant call recordings, and easily comprehend the usage analysis with mean, pie chart, bar charts, and other graphs.

10. Safeguarding

As the 10th point, it is important to take measures for security. Taking the right steps to ensure safety is critical.

Cloud-hosted PBX solutions are generally more secure compared to on-site ones. When it comes to VoIP systems, the service provider holds the responsibility for ensuring security by managing software updates, firewall, and security patches. These providers have skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining the security and safety of VoIP. VoIPLine Telecom, for instance, implements algorithms that discourage unauthorized and excessive calling, even in the event of a breach in your internal network.

Learn about the numerous benefits of utilizing cloud-based PBX services and how it can facilitate the growth of your business, while simultaneously cutting costs and offering additional remarkable advantages!